Moving Office Timetable

With so many items to consider in the office move timeline, a ‘to do’ list really is the only logical way forward. We have included all the key events that an average office move will entail in a handy format. Ticking off the items as they happen will ensure you don’t overlook anything and gives you the added benefit of seeing progress being made!

Before you start

Obtain senior management approval for the move process to begin
Appoint an office move project leader to co-ordinate everything internally
Check your existing lease to ensure you exit it correctly
Agree the brief for the move and the initial budget

Choosing the right office

Source and brief property consultants
Interview property consultants
Select and instruct property consultants
Receive long list of potential properties
View this list with property consultant
Decide on shortlist
Arrange second/third viewings
Source and brief property solicitor
Receive detailed cost analysis of preferred options from property consultant
Select and instruct property solicitor
Choose preferred office/s and make offer/s
Solicitor receives draft heads of terms for review
Property consultant and landlord’s agent agree heads of terms
Solicitor receives heads of terms and negotiates details of lease
Solicitor approves lease terms and documentation
Lease ready for signature

Office design and fit-out

Source and brief office design and fit-out companies
Interview fit-out companies
Select and appoint fit-out company
Arrange for fit-out company to accompany you on final viewings
Receive proposal drawings from fit-out company
Make inventory of existing furniture
Decide on furniture requirements for new office
Sign-off on design and layout of new office
Fit-out of new office begins
Agree weekly progress meetings/site inspections with fit-out company
Clarify target move-in date

IT and telecoms

Make inventory of existing IT and telecoms equipment
Conduct thorough audit of hardware and software requirements
Brief IT consultants about the move
Order any required hardware and software
Liaise with fit-out company and schedule delivery and installation of IT and telecoms

The physical move

Source and brief office removal companies
Interview removal companies
Confirm move date still on track
Select and appoint a removal company
Take a full inventory of your current office’s content
Identify and dispose of those items not required at new office
Organise any off-site archiving and storage
Communicate move date to all stakeholders (internal and external)
Update all marketing collateral with new contact details
Notify all customers and suppliers of new contact details
Inform utilities companies at least 2-3 weeks in advance of move
Order new stationery
Notify post office of change of address and set up mail forwarding service
Distribute keys/entrance cards to staff, if relevant
Office move day or weekend
First day in new office for staff
Celebratory event!