Moving Office Planner

What are you looking for?

Our checklist provides an at-a-glance guide to help you choose a suitable shortlist of premises to view and pointers to look for once you’re on site.

Where do you want to be?

  • Do you need to be close to business contacts/clients/customers?
  • Where do your staff and senior directors live?
  • Do you need to be close to good transport links?
  • How easy is it to commute to the office?
  • How important are local amenities?
  • Shops, restaurants, bars, banks, gym/sports facilities?
  • What is the neighbourhood like?
  • Established business hub, up and coming, edgy?
  • Who are the other occupiers in the building - competitors, clients, partners?

What can you afford?

How much rent/business rates/service charge can you pay? What is the deposit, insurance, cost of fixtures and fittings? Use the Completely Office Move Budget calculator for more details.

How quickly do you need to move?

You need to allow enough time for the search, lease negotiations and any fit-out work. As a ballpark, the whole process can take 4-6 months. The Completely Office Move Timetable can help you plan.

What type of space do you want?


How much space do you need? Typically, you should allow 175-250 sq ft (16-23 sq m) per person which also allows for communal areas such as meeting rooms. However, today’s office occupier often seeks a greater proportion of non-desk space like breakout areas in a less structured environment.

Build potential expansion space into your calculations to give your company room to grow without having to move again. You can use the Completely Office Space Calculator to define search values and help you find the perfect office.


Does the layout suit your organisational structure, working practices and culture? Do you want open plan offices or a more traditional format? How much communal, non-desk space do you require?


Does the office space reflect your company’s personality and culture? Is it of a high enough quality or even too lavish for your purposes? Will it appeal to staff and clients/customers?

Décor and Maintenance

Do you have the flexibility to fit-out and decorate the office space as you wish? Is the building well-maintained?


Are offices with an attractive view important to you? Do the offices have any other appealing attributes such as well-landscaped grounds or interesting local landmarks within sight?

What facilities do you need on site?


Do you want a dedicated reception area or are you prepared to share? Is the reception area welcoming and large enough for the expected number of visitors?

Meeting rooms/kitchens

Do you have enough meeting rooms and in the right size range? If required, are there sufficient breakout areas? Are the kitchen facilities large enough and adequately stocked?

Car parking

How much total parking do you need for staff and visitors? If not on site, is there sufficient parking nearby?


Is the building centrally heated? Does it have air-conditioning and comfort cooling?

Broadband and wireless connectivity

What broadband access does the property have? Does it have wireless networking?


What type of security is provided? Is it adequate for your purposes 24-hour, video entry phone, security passes, secure server room?


Is there a sufficient number of lifts and do they have enough capacity?


Is there an adequate number of restrooms? Are they clean and well–appointed? Remember to use the Advanced Options on the Offices To Let Search Page to ensure that you're looking for the right place.